Friendly Reminder – Sept. Recycle.

Please be reminded that our recycle day for Sept-2012 falls on this Sunday (9th. Sept). We realize that some parents/contributors came last Sunday…. we feel very sorry for that, and would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. The whole year schedule has been fixed last year, and has been distributed to all the students at the beginning of this year.

You may refer to the page here, under “Next Recycle Day“, to find out the exact date for the next few months.
just to the tab above “Monthly Recycle” –> “Next Recycle Day“.

Once again Thank You & see you on Sunday.

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Recycle For Charity

“Recycle For Charity” item collected but cannot be sold, we sent to orphanages, children’s homes etc.

As usual 1st Sunday of the month is CH recycles day. 

Recycling involved gathering and collecting the materials that would be thrown away and breaking it down and remaking the materials into a new product. In other words, recycling also means to reduce, reuse and recycle things.

Reducing waste is not only to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfills, but it also means decreasing the amount of dangerous chemicals that seep into the soul and pollute the air due to the improper waste disposal. Reuse is basically extending the usage of most of the items we have in the house by reusing or donating these items to others in a recycling group.

Every small contribution to the recycling movement and the initiative to protect our environment adds up to how our present society eventually shapes our nation’s and the Earth’s future. What does recycling means to you?

We accept only:
Computer/Electronic Accessories, VHS/VCD/DVD Players, Plastic, Xerox/Photostate Machine, Air-conditioning, Paper, Electrical Items, Household Furniture, Recyclable Materials,  paper, books, old newspaper, plastic bottles and etc …

Below are some photo collected item from recycle days we sent to HOUSE OF JOY and Persatuan Pure Life


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August 2012 Recycle

With great pleasure we are announcing that we have crossed the 4,000 mark this month. Pls click here to view the August statement.

On another note: Thanks to Uncle Low Siew Chong, the AJK in-charge of our monthly Recycle Activity, he not only came out with the proper designated parking bays for the contributors to stop and unload, he spent 2 of his weekends to draw & painted it all by himself. Kudos uncle SC Low. Chung Hua will definitely be even better, if we have more selfless volunteers like you.

With this bays, we are able to be more systematically process the unloading by batch of 8 to 9 vehicles each time, and we noticed it really eased the long queue of waiting.

We would also like to highlight here, many of you sent in old clothing & shoes, which the recycle company doesn’t take, instead of throwing them to the school dustbin, uncle Xunji loaded them onto his own double-cab and sent them to the shelter homes, Xunji has been doing this with his family for the past 2 months, and they are so fair to send to different homes each month. (pls refer to the next post above)

Last but not least… A BIG THANKS  to all the volunteers who sacrifices their Sunday morning to help out in this month recycle day

Together we have done it again

Thank you for helping on Sunday (5th. August 2012)

吴爱月 校长 HM
陈姝郿 副校长 Deputy HM
倪进发 老师 Teacher
林国威 老师 Teacher
张家韦 老师 Teacher
刘巧云 老师 Teacher
余婉莲 老师 Teacher
李宁竹 老师 Teacher
林静慧 老师 Teacher
许晨枫 Khor Chern Foong Student 6N class
Brady Chin Zi Rong Student 3K class
Woo Der Yuan Student 2H class
Woo Khai Yuan Volunteer
Leow Joo Chein Volunteer
Khor Chern Xi Volunteer
Siew Yit Lian Volunteer
Karen Lee Volunteer
罗训政 Volunteer
Penny蔡丽芳 Volunteer
Yohana Volunteer
陈强 Volunteer
Chin Ka Fui PIBG
Arthur Lee PIBG
Low Siew Chong PIBG
Low Xunji PIBG
Ngu Kee Keong PIBG
Khor Boon Teck PIBG
Bill Chin PIBG

Thanks to our camera-lady for the day, Mdm Siew Yit Lian who took all the nice pics for us, except herself

And all of you who contributed your recyclable items.

My apology if I have missed out or misspelled any of your names.

Pls click to view large image

Pls click here to view the August statement.

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Reminder: August Recycle

Dear Parents,

Gentle reminder : August 2012 recycle day will be this Sunday (5th-Aug-2012) from 8am till 11am. Though Monday (next day) is a public holiday, we still hope that all Parents will send their recycle items first on Sunday morning before leaving for the short break will their family. Please remember to segregate.

We will also be introducing the new “park and drop” point. Please take note of the “blue parking line” on the road for guidance on where to stop your car.

For those who are free, pls come and join us. See you on Sunday.

温馨提醒大家,8月份的环保日就在这个星期天 (5-8-2012). 请记得分类哦! 请点击阅读分类传单。 星期天见

SC Low


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June-2012 Recycle Day

Together we have made it again. As expected due to school holiday, we had less volunteers and less collection, we hope we can cross the RM 2,000 mark this time, (if not the classrooms will have to off all fans to save energy next month :) ), let’s wait for the company to send us the statement.
A BIG THANKS to all of you who came and contributed the recyclable items, and we are very grateful that most of you have segregated the items before sending, which helped a lot in reducing the traffic congestion, made us more of “School Recycle Day VOLUNTEERS” than “RUBBISH COLLECTORS”. :)
We are pleased to highlight here that we had quite a few current students and ex-student (Alumni) who came and volunteered. We think this is a very good culture for our children, to learn to contribute back to their own school, and also to build their self-esteems. We hope we all including the parents & the school will encourage this and to certain extend, give some recognition.

感恩大家的贡献。我们又再次开心的完成了一个有意义的星期天环保日,能为华校贡献真觉得很有福气。虽然这次是碰上学校假期,我们预计义工人手和回收物都会相对比较少,但看来还可以,义工人手和物品都挺丰富。现在就心急的等结单来,看我们有没有超过RM 2,000。(不然下个月课室就暂时要省电不开风扇了 :P )。
这里特别想提的是,这次回来帮忙的同学人数也不少。 我个人认为,我们因该多鼓励孩子于感恩的心,出自己的一份小力,为自己的学校做点事。这对孩子的自我价值会有所提升。校方也因该有所表示或表扬。
最后要特别感谢大部份的热心人士都把环保物品分类好才送过来,这不但加快了交通的舒缓,更重要的是义工和孩子们都不需从环保义工变成垃圾工人了 :) 。感恩!

Together we have done it again!

Thank you for helping on Sunday, 3rd. June 2012

苏秀珍副校长 Mdm Soo Siew Tin Deputy HM
陈桂英 老师 Teacher
陈子翰 Brandon Chin Alumni 校友
韩爱能 同学 Student – 4
陈岐宏 Brady Chin 同学 Student – 3K
许晨枫 Khor Chern Foong 同学 Student – 6N
李彦翰 Ethan LeeYen Han 同学 Student – 5G
叶淑芬Tina Yip Volunteer
Khor Chern Xi Volunteer
Siew Yit Lian Volunteer
Yohana Volunteer
刘兆宗 Low Siew Chong PIBG
许文德 Khor Boon Teck PIBG
罗训继 Low Xunji PIBG
李国山 Arthur Lee PIBG
陈飞彪 Bill Chin PIBG

Special Thanks to our pretty girl, Khor Chern Xi & handsome boy, Brandon Chin for taking all the photographs for the day.

And Thank You to all of you who contributed your recyclable items.

From Brandon Chin‘s Camera

From Khor Chern Xi‘s Camera

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May-2012 Recycle Day

Glad to announce that we just had another wonderful & meaningful Sunday, that’s the 3 hours of our monthly recycle day at the school. As usual, after every recycle day, we are eagerly waiting for the recycle company to send us the statement to see how many metric tons we have collected. Once we receive that, we will post up here to share with you.
This month we had more fun… because we all wore our new “Recycle Day Uniform”, that’s the apron, a special piece of art designed & done by our own Chung Hua Children, we bought all blank, pure white aprons, and left them to our Chung Hua children to show off their creativity & talent. Please check them out at the pictures on the side bar or below. There are more to come, all together there are 50 aprons, some are not completed yet. I feel so proud for them. Well Done children !!! I love you all.

We would also like to THANK our HM, Vice-HM, Teachers, Volunteers, Continue reading

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大家一起来环保 | Let’s RRR-cycle

1. 家长们前来加入我们的”热心家长义工团”,参与每月一次的环保日(每月献出3小时)早上 8点~11点,一起来流流汗,同时也感受一下其中的乐趣。请把您的联系资料电邮给我们,到时我们会发通知提醒您。感恩!
2. 我们鼓励大家把物品先分类好再送过来,您的这个举动可以为义工们节省一些时间,同时也有助于减低交通的堵塞情况。详情请下载参阅以下传单。

A big THANK YOU to all of you who has been supporting and contributing to our monthly recycle day all these years. This activity has evolved to be one of the main and consistent contributor to the PIBG activity funds, which enables us to organise more & better activities for our children and teachers, and also for the upkeep, upgrade & maintenance for the school. Continue reading

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